Month: July 2018

Now, the Government Is Pulling a ‘Demonetisation’ on Life-Saving Hormone Oxytocin

New Delhi: A month ago, the government provided a notice prohibiting the make of oxytocin for residential use by any player (particularly focused at private players) other than the administration run Karnataka Anti-infection agents and Pharmaceuticals Constrained (KAPL). It said the restriction would become effective from July 1, 2018. The Wire has now affirmed through

Experts Oppose Proposed Anti-Trafficking Bill, Ask for It to Be Sent to Standing Committee

Mumbai: The Trafficking of People (Counteractive action, Insurance and Recovery) Bill, 2018, was tabled yesterday in the Storm session of Parliament. It has been drafted by the Service of Ladies and Tyke Advancement. A coalition comprising of different partners, including attorneys, sex specialists’ assemblages, transgender rights activists and gatherings chipping away at tyke rights, work