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Are you looking for the real name of the hero, heroine, and other stars cast who appeared in the new Kannada serial “ಬೆಟ್ಟದ ಹೂ”? If your answer is Yes then you have landed on the right page, here in this article I’m gonna walk you through the list of the all-star cast, crew, and director of this TV Serial so, kindly stay tuned till the end to get comprehensive information regarding Bettada Hoo Kannada Serial, by the end of reading this article, I’m sure that you are gonna like this article.

Bettada Hoo Kannada Serial Colors Kannada

Serial Name Bettada Hoo (ಬೆಟ್ಟದ ಹೂ)
Certificate U/A 13+
Timings 08:00 PM, Monday to Friday
Director JK Satish Krishnan
Lead Roles Darshak, Prakriti & Srividya
Genre Social Drama
Broadcasting Channel Colors Kannada
Broadcasting Language Kannada
Run Time 22-25 Mins
Launch Date 31-Jan-22
Competitiors Gattimela, Geetha, and Sundari
OTT Disney+Hotstar

Quick story:

Bettada Hoo: is a recently launched Kannada serial directed by “JK Satish Krishnan” from Lakshmi Baramma, Kulavadu, Atma Bandana, etc. that will be on air from 31 Jan 22 on Star Suvarna (Monday to Friday) and Disney+ Hotstar. The story starts in a small village “Channavalase” in Karnataka, where “Hoovi” leaves, she is a brilliant girl with a big dream of living in the cities with a bright future, she is straight forward village girl with no attitude & ego, and she is well-known in the village for her brilliance. On the other hand, “Rahul” begins an arduous journey as a journalist (from the city) in the village Channavalase, he fell in love with “Malini” a successful business tycoon, “The story of this serial is based on the triangle love between Rahul, Hoovi, and Malini.” Let us wait and see what will happen to this story only on Star Suvarna.

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Bettada Hoo Kannada serial features Darshak, Prakriti K Prasad, Srividya Shastry, Sunetra Pandith, Pragathi Prabhu, Goutham Rajveer, Swathi HV, Chandana Raghavendra, Rakshitha Bhaskar, Srinivas Prabhu, Padmaja Rao, Praveen D Rao, Swathi (Geetha Serial), and Pratham As Child Artist. Below is the quick bio of the star cast of the Bettada Hoo tv show.

Lead Role:

01. Darshak As Rahul

Bettada Hoo Kannada Serial Cast

Darshak is an Indian television actor who predominantly works for the Kannada film industry, some of his popular appearances are Kavyanjali, Kanmani, Kannada Kadalige, Arundathi (Tamil serial), Padmavathi (Kannada serial) and now he plays the hero character in Bettada Hoo Kannada Serial Where he is a journalist who has started documentary in a small village in Karnataka, Channavalase.

Instagram: @iamdarshak

02. Prakriti K Prasad As Malini

Bettada Hoo Kannada Serial Cast

Prakriti K Prasad is an Indian actress who always works for the Kannada cinema industry, some of her known projects are Nammane Yuvarani, Manasaare, and Bettada Hoo Serial where she appeared as the daughter of Rajeev, “Malini” a business family where she is also a successful businesswoman and Malini fell in love Rahul and their journey starts from there.

Instagram: @prakriti.k.prasad

03. Srividya Shastry As Hoovi

Bettada Hoo Kannada Serial Cast

Srividya Shastry is an emerging Indian actress who considers herself as the Devotee of Lord Krishna, she made her acting debut in the Kannada television industry where she appeared as a brilliant village girl with big dreams of living in the metro city, Her Character name is Hoovi mean Flower, where meet the hero Rahul who has just started his documentary in her village.

Instagram: @srividya_ac

Supporting Roles:

04. Sunetra Pandith As Kaalamma (Hoovi’s Granny)

Bettada Hoo Kannada Serial Cast

Instagram: @sunetra.pandit

05. Pragathi Prabhu As Gowra (Hoovi’s Mother)

Bettada Hoo Kannada Serial Cast

Instagram: @pragathiprabhu_

06. Goutham Rajveer (Mailini’s Father)

Bettada Hoo Kannada Serial Cast


07. Swathi HV As Mandra Rajveer (Malini’s Mother)

Bettada Hoo Kannada Serial Cast

Instagram: @swathihv_official

08. Chandana Raghavendra As Deepthi (Rahul’s Sister)

Bettada Hoo Kannada Serial Cast

Instagram: @raghavendrachandana

09. Rakshitha Bhaskar

Bettada Hoo Kannada Serial Cast

Instagram: @rakshitha_bhaskar_

10. Srinivas Prabhu As Vasudev Chakravarthy (Rahul’s uncle)

Bettada Hoo Kannada Serial Cast


11. Padmaja Rao As Mahalakshmi

Bettada Hoo Kannada Serial Cast

Wikipedia: @padmajarao.official

12. Praveen D Rao As

Bettada Hoo Kannada Serial Cast

Instagram: @tablapraveen

13. Swathi

Bettada Hoo Kannada Serial Cast

Instagram: @swathiofficial_

14. Pratham As Child Artist

Bettada Hoo Kannada Serial Cast

Instagram: @pratham_lathaa

Bettada Hoo Kannada TV Serial Crew & Production

Director  JK Satish Krishnan
Production Arka Media
Picture Format 16:9 Ratio 1080i (HDTV)
Location Bengaluru, Karnataka
Season 1
Country India
Camera Setup Multi-Role Camera Setup
Distributer Colors Kannada

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